Specialized Account Manager

We understand how important custom service is to your corporate rental and/or vacation rental, and so we will assign you an Account Manager that will be in charge managing all of the details, scheduling and communication for your account. 

Easy Scheduling
With over 70+ maids we are well equipped to be able to handle all of your scheduling needs…even last minute schedules.  Whether you have one unit or 40 units, just give us a call and we can get an experienced team out to your location to give you personalized service.

Controlled Inventory Management
At setup we will take a detailed inventory of your household items, and give you a list of the items that will be regularly inventoried.  Inventories will be performed by our trained staff at the turnover cleaning, so that you have enough time bill guests for damaged or lost items if you choose to do so.  Damaged items will be documented on the inventory log as well as with a picture.

Efficient Household Supply Recommendations
As part of our service we will provide a consult for you if you wish with recommendations on the levels of household supplies to provide, and store as backups to prevent emergencies such as damaged essential linens.  Our experience can help you avoid cumbersome problems in the future.

Bed & Linen Preparation
We know how important your image is to your business.  And, for that reason we offer the option of providing your unique bed and linen presentation.  If you do not have a preference we will prepare the beds and linens in our standard hotel-like style.  However, if you have special folding, decorative items, particular layering of the linens, we will take a picture of your custom bed and linen preparation and keep it as part of your file for your services.

Billing Options
Subject to credit approval there are two billing options for you to choose from.  You may choose either to be billed “Weekly Net 30” terms, with payment due in 30 days from the bill, OR to be billed “Monthly Net 7” terms with payment due in 7 days.  We accept all major credit cards.

“Guest in Residence” Cleaning Options

In addition to turnover cleanings we can offer cleanings while your guests are still in residence.  You can work with your Account Manager to determine what will be included with your cleanings while the guests are still checked in, and whether or not the cleanings will be a the guests’ expense or not.

Value Added Guest Satisfaction Feedback
As part f our service we will leave a Scoreboard for your guests to rate our performance.  We use all of our feedback to keep a constant pulse on how well we are satisfying our guests, and implementing any suggestions that they may have.  In addition, you may choose to add to the Scoreboard a section where we ask about their stay, and comments to be used for testimonials.  If you choose this option you will have an automatic feedback collection system setup where you are collecting testimonials for your marketing with nearly every guest.

Guest Gift Delivery
Do you have gifts for your guests as part of your service?  Great, we can help you with that…Gifts for new guests, mid-stay gifts, going away gifts, etc.  Please let us know about your needs.

Other Management Services
We are currently developing other management services that our clients have requested.  Please let us know how else we might help you.  We are currently considering Guest Emergency Call Management, Grocery Delivery Service, Supply Purchasing and more.