• Liability Insurance: Our liability insurance protects our service professionals against high legal costs associated with bodily injuries and lawsuits. In the event that there is an accident and physical damage is incurred, our liability insurance will cover the costs.

    Our maids are hardworking and well-trained to prevent accidents and damages to your property. We assure you that we take every preventative measure to ensure that your property is safe for both you and our maids.
  • Worker Compensation Insurance: In the unlikely event that one of our professional maids is injured on the job, our Workers’ Compensation Insurance will cover it. You, as a customer, take no responsibility for the accident and will not be held liable.
  • Bonded: Each and one of our service professionals are bonded. This means that we go above and beyond the typical protection and coverage. This helps protect our customers if an accident or injury happens on their property.
  • Green Cleaning Certificate: Enjoy our allergy-free and non-toxic cleaning services. You will feel safe with our non-toxic, biodegradable and non-flammable cleaning products.

Research has linked asthma, allergic reactions, migraines and cancer to prolonged contact with harmful chemicals and fumes. Research also shows that the air inside the home is on average 2 to 3 times more polluted than the air outside.

Not only do we inhale the toxic chemical when we use the products but the chemicals are absorbed through our skin and even our food.

We will gladly discuss the details of our certifications. Please contact Lux Maids at 212- 203-7702 for Free Consult!