This page is designed to provide you with a better understanding of our practices and our services. If you cannot find the answers to the questions you are looking for, just give us a call at 212-203-7702.

1. Can a long term service professional be assigned to me?
All customers are assigned an account manager who will take care of all your needs. He/she will also select the best person for each of your jobs. Rest assured that you will not need to re-train our staff. We aim to provide a consistent service each and every time.

2. What are your rates?
No two properties are ever the same and that is why the prices are completely individualized. Call us today for a free quote, we’ll provide you with flat rate price and even offer you volume discounts.

3. How many service professionals will be assigned to me?
This depends on the size of the job and of course your time constraints. We generally send one staff member to give our customers the individual attention they require.

4. How qualified are your service professionals?
Lux Maids is committed to recruiting experienced cleaning staff with verifiable references and clean criminal records.

5. What if my maid missed a spot?
We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with our services. This means that if anything is left incomplete, we’ll come back and fix it at no additional cost to you. Communication is always the key and we are never content unless you are fully satisfied.

6. How do I reschedule my scheduled appointment?
If you need to reschedule, simply call at least 24 hours before the appointment and we will happily reschedule it for another day.

7. How do you get in my unit/s if there is no manager on site?
Most of our customers are not present on site to let our team in. We will make all the necessary arrangements with you to enter your units while you’re gone. Understand that if we are not able to gain access, we will have to charge you to make up for the Service Professional’s time and travel expenses.

8. Are my valuables safe?
We are 100% insured for all damages caused by our service professionals. If the Service Professional sees something broken, they will call the office immediately and let the manager on duty know. If you find something that is broken, please call us right away. We will rectify the situation immediately.

9. What about theft? Are you bonded?
In the unlikely event that theft occurs, our employees are fully bonded. Do understand that it only pay in case of conviction.

Our selection process is quite vigorous. Prior to employment, all staff members are subject to background checks. This ensures that our maids do not have any criminal record or pending criminal charges against them.

10. Do you run background checks before hiring new employees?
As stated in the previous question, our selection process is quite thorough. We require all our staff to undergo random drug tests in addition to criminal background checks. Prior to the commencement of employment, we ask that our maids provide us with four professional references. With such thorough selection process, we know that we are getting the best available people to clean your unit.

11. What kind of quality control do you do?
We ask that all of our customers fill out a customer satisfaction survey. We use the results of the survey to spot any potential problems and to reward the best employees. Our Training Manager also do periodic follow-ups on all Service Professionals to ensure that they are doing what is expected of them.

12. What if a cleaning is needed on a weekend or a holiday?
We have over 50 Service Professionals working with us 7 days a week; even on the weekends. Call us and we’ll make every attempt possible to honor your special requests.

13. Do I have to call and book separately each service day that I need?
No. You can book our services as frequently as you need including multiple times a week, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and your Service Professional will be sent automatically, with no further action required.

14. Do I need to be at home/in the office?
We will make arrangement for our staff to come at the most convenient time. Remember: our service professionals are available whenever you need them.

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